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Who are we?

Who we are

welcome to ICSSPK official website.


Promote the role of security and crisis management professionals across Kenya by facilitating professional development, and providing accreditation to individuals, programs and courses.



Be the leading professional body for the Kenyan security and crisis management industry by driving the highest possible standards of integrity and professionalism within the business.



Maintaining a high level of integrity and ethics is at the forefront of the Institute’s principles. Membership with ICSSPK demonstrates personal commitment to continued learning and preserving high standards of integrity and ethical behaviour.

WHAT IS ICSSPK? Get To Know About us




ICSSPK membership provides industry-recognised certification for an individual’s cumulative industry experience and academic qualifications, giving prospective employers the assurance of the competency and skills of their security and crisis management experts.

As an independent organization, the Institute provides unbiased accreditation for training courses around the region, ensuring that individuals receive the highest quality of education and training.

The INSTITUTE OF CERTIFIED SAFETY AND SECURITY PROFESSIONALS OF KENYA(ICSSPK) is the first and only independent body representing security professionals in the country.

Members gain access to a large network of skilled practitioners, education and professional development opportunities, which are designed to help cultivate leadership qualities and advance security and crisis management knowledge.



Established in 2018, INSTITUTE OF CERTIFIED SAFETY AND SECURITY PROFESSIONALS OF KENYA is committed to promoting the highest levels of integrity and professionalism within the industry by developing an industry standard for accrediting security and crisis management professionals and security training programs and courses.

ICSSPK is structured to meet the needs of the unique and diverse cultures around the region. Members of the Institute’s Board of Advisors are experienced security and crisis management professionals from around the world, ensuring global views and practices are equally represented.

The Institute is dedicated to promoting the role of security and crisis management professionals, and as such will continue to advocate for our members through lobbying efforts with governments, industry bodies and human resource professionals to improve recognition of our members’ services and qualities.


The Functions of the Institute shall be but not limited to


  • Offer professional safety and security programs and short term courses that cut across all professions
  • Accredit Institutions offering Academic Security Education based on their capacity and demonstration of ability to train safety and security based programs.
  • Establish, monitor and publish the standards of professional competence and practice amongst safety and security professionals
  • Register, certify and accredit persons and corporate security institutions who meet the required professional and ethics standards.
  • Promote research in human resource practice and related matters.
  • Publish books, periodicals, journals and articles on human resource.
  • Provide a medium for communication and exchange of information, knowledge and ethical standards for those persons engaged in the field of Public safety management.
  • Network with regional and international related bodies to promote and develop progressive safety and security resource management practices.
  • Hold examinations and prescribe tests of competency deemed appropriate to qualify for membership and certification by the Institute.


  • Advise the Examinations Board on matters relating to examination standards and policies.
  • Advise the Registration Committee on matters relating to registration
  • Regulate the practice, competence and professional conduct of safety and security professionals.
  • Promote and protect the welfare and interests of the safety and security profession.
  • Promote inter-professional collaboration with other professional bodies.
  • Development of safety and security standards.
  • Safety and security assessment and development of a safety and security plan.
  • Champion city and county and Organizational safety and security benchmarks.
  • Develop security education curricula for use by safety and security professionals and continuously conduct research and develop unique security concepts, up-to-date security methods, modern security techniques, sophisticated tactics and efficient instruction methods, in order to successfully deal with the different tasks which confront us in the various Governmental and the Civilian sectors.

    We are committed to raising standards in the security profession and encourage everyone to

    think about how they can continue to develop and how they help and support others. Our Continuing Professional

    Development (CPD) Toolkit is an essential way to track how you keep up-to-date with latest issues and developments

    in security and management, giving participants a competitive edge over other practitioners, enhancing confidence

    and competence.

    Our Toolkit helps you plan your personal development activity and tracks your achievements to reach set

    standards year on year. The CPD Toolkit is updated and published each year and is a self-administered method of

    identifying and recording learning. We challenge you to achieve 36 points or more each year. CPD is compulsory for

    Fellow, Member and Graduate levels but everyone is welcome to use the toolkit. Having at least 2 years completed

    CPD is essential for members who want to upgrade to the Fellowship. All sorts of development activity is recognized

    including events run by our CPD partners which score double points.


    Taking a structured approach to your professional development will help you:

    1. Keep pace with changes in the Security Sector
    2. Achieve recognition
    3. Identify your competencies
    4. Become more employable
    5. Motivate yourself to improve your skills
    6. Achieve your goals and progress in your career.