Corporate Membership

Why Be an ICSSPK Corporate Partner?

As a member of a chartered professional body you will benefit from an enhanced status within the global security & crisis management professional industry. You will become a part of an organization, which holds the respect of governments and firms around the world, and who can communicate with the public with an authoritative and clear voice. Along with accreditation, ICSSPK will continue to connect you to a range of up-to-date programs, conferences, training and networking events, to increase your network and provide you with a chance to participate in discussions and forums, as well as tools for those dealing with security and crisis events.

  • Industry-recognized certification based on your academic qualifications and professional experience
  • A highly-respected and valued designation with global recognition
  • Complimentary ‘closed door’ ICSSPK CSO roundtable meetings
  • Free access to Global Crisis Management conference calls and minutes
  • Recognized with human resources and recruitment agencies specializing in the security profession
  • Member publications
  • Networking with senior security management